DockerCon 2020 Talk: Docker Compose in the Cloud with Blimp

Published on May 28, 2020


Docker Engine, Desktop, Compose, and the rest of the Docker ecosystem has had a transformative impact on modern cloud backend infrastructure. One essential facet of this impact has been the recent explosion of microservice architectures, enabled by the ease of packaging and deployment that Docker provides.

While microservices have numerous benefits that have been widely discussed, they do have some critical drawbacks. Notably, they vastly complicate the local development experience. Running large numbers of containers on a development laptop can put pressure on limited RAM/CPU/Disk resources. It can make testing more difficult as developer laptops differ significantly from production runtime environments.

In this talk, I’ll describe a new tool designed to address this problem. Blimp is a drop-in replacement for Docker-Compose that runs in the Blimp development cloud. Blimp looks, feels, and behaves exactly like docker-compose running on your laptop, while allowing the heavy-lifting required to run multiple containers to be offloaded to the cloud.

Ethan Jackson is Co-founder and CEO of Blimp, Docker Compose in the cloud. Formerly at Nicira and VMware, he is a leader in the software defined networking movement as a core committer of the OSS project Open vSwitch. He was a PhD student at UC Berkeley, studying software defined networking and network virtualization.


Blimp up to get your heavy containers into the cloud.

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By: Samantha Ko