Cloud Native Portland Meetup Talk: 5 Common Docker Compose Mistakes

Published on Aug 4, 2020

5 Common Docker Compose Mistakes

When building a containerized application, developers need a way to boot containers they’re working on to test their code. While there are several ways to do this, Docker Compose is one of the most popular options. It makes it easy to:

  • Specify what containers to boot during development
  • And setup a fast code-test-debug development loop

The vision is that someone writes a docker-compose.yml that specifies everything that’s needed in development and commits it to their repo. Then, every developer simply runs docker-compose up, which boots all the containers they need to test their code.

However, it takes a lot of work to get your docker-compose setup to peak performance. We’ve seen the best teams booting their development environments in less than a minute and testing each change in seconds.

Given how much time every developer spends testing their code every day, small improvements can add up to a massive impact on developer productivity.


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